About Us

Web Stuff Library is a collection of websites with various contributors who aim to write with no political or other agenda. The whole ethos is to not only produce family friendly and contact but to also try to only use likes to other family friendly and independent sites. We even try to vet our adverts which are only used as a way to fund our website. Our contributors would love to become millionaires but in all honesty these websites are written in the original spirit of the web. Informative and not for profit.

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Below is a message from our founder who started with just the three FREE TO DOWNLOAD sites

I found it increasingly difficult to find images and icons that I want to use in my websites. I therefore decided to create many myself. Often I needed to do my own as I could not find copyright free versions. I decided that in order not to breach copyright or copy others work then I should create resources for myself. this is a lot of work and it struck me that a lot of us in the blogging community, or the many volunteers that run clubs and societies would possibly be duplicating this effort.

Volunteers do not have much time, so why not just publish what I have created so others don’t have to. I am happy to share my work with everybody including companies, but please not only read the conditions of use but also respect them.