Conditions of Use

Conditions of use for our sites

Copyright for all information in these websites remain with webstufflibrary including those that we allow you to download from (see separate additional conditions for these site below). Our websites are for information only and though every attempt has been made to ensure that the information is correct at the time of writing, we (or our authors) take no responsibility for errors. The only site we allow you to take information from are those listed in the FREE TO DOWNLOAD menu ONLY.

Our many sites do not offer financial or medical advise. Any article relating to health or finance should be used to aid knowledge but not acted upon. Financial and medical advise sourced online can be extremely misleading and expert advise should be sought from independent financial advisors and medical professionals before taking any decisions. These professionals can go into your specific needs and ask questions that you may give you extra important information that you may not know needs asking.

Conditions of use for FREE TO DOWNLOAD sites.

You are free to download the pictures, icons or charts for both business and personal use. The images must not be offered for sale or offered for the use of your customers / visitors to your web page in any way, including any form of alteration from the original. We require a link placed on your website footer with the following statement “image(s) supplied by”. All copyright remains with

Additional Conditions : You are allowed to crop or resize the photos and images so that they best fit your site. You are not allowed to add writing or headlines over the images to make memes etc and they should not be used on sites that promote illegal or pornographic material.

Any videos or animations must only be added to your site via the link provided and they must be used in full including advertisements that may be included with the link.

Please respect the work we have put in to this website so that others can enjoy it and allow it to grow. We request that if you use this that you give us a mention on your social media in some form or other. Obviously you do not have to, but the free web resource community relies on good faith from is visitors.