How to Use This Site

Web Site Library is a free to use resource in which you, our visitors are welcome to download photos, icons and charts to use on your own website or blog. Including personal and commercial sites. Please see conditions of use, as we retain all copyright.

The site has four sections to aid searches for your subjects

Photos – a gallery of photos

Icons – a gallery of small clip art and symbols that often used for buttons or quick visual prompts

Charts – simple charts

Home page area (How To Use). – instructions, about us and conditions of use.

To Download a Picture

  1. Click on the section you wish to go to in the sidebar menu
  2. Once you in that section type a description into the search bar. (note that this will only search for items in that section, not the whole site)
  3. You will see a collection of pictures. Select the picture you are interested in. You will be taken to a page which will show the picture in full.
  4. To download the picture with a pc just right click on the photo and select save picture (or use the equivalent operation for a mac)
  5. If you wish to go back we recommend that you use the back button on your browser (this will mean that you original search will be saved) Alternativly you can click on the word webstufflibrary at the top of the page to get you back to your sections first page.
  6. Make sure you have read and understand the conditions of use

Please be aware that any website takes time and effort to produce. Please do advertise this site to others.